Wall Ties & D.P.C

Services such as wall ties and D.P.C. work aren’t required by every property owner but anyone who does need this level of service needs to ensure that they receive the best standard of support possible. We aim to provide a reliable level of service for all work, no matter the size of the home or any existing problems and issues. When you want to be confident that your walls are in fantastic condition, be sure to call on GNT Construction.

If you are wondering about the importance of wall ties, surely something which keeps the structure of your building safe and stable has to be of benefit. The use of wall ties has become a standard bricklaying service and they provide assurance with respect to the thickness of your walls. Wall ties bring the stability of the inner skin of your property to the outer skin, which means that you end with a more reliable and durable wall.

We help strengthen your walls

We are delighted to say that we have a skilled and highly experienced team who have helped many property owners benefit from thicker and more durable walls. We have received many positive testimonials for this work and when it comes to the most reliable standard of wall ties Surrey has to offer, we are the company you can call on.

Another area of work that GNT Construction specialises in is damp proofing properties. A damp proof course, or DPV, provides a barrier that ensures that rising damp isn’t an issue at your property. Many properties suffer from water rising up from the ground, so implementing this form of preventive barrier offers peace of mind and comfort. We can install a DPC horizontally or vertically so wherever the risk lies at your property, be confident that it will be reviewed in the most effective and appropriate manner.

We offer value for money services at all times

All of the wall work we undertake is of the highest standard and you can be confident that GNT Construction aims to provide value for money at all times. Thanks to the skills and experience of our team, we can offer fast work without compromising on quality at any time. Sometimes it is the smaller jobs that have the biggest impact at a property, so we are looking to provide you with complete confidence at your home or commercial premises.

We are able to take you from beginning to end when it comes to all manner of wall work, including DPC and wall ties. This is something that we believe is important for a building company to offer. We will sit down with you and talk you through the process. We will also offer you the most reliable advice and guidance throughout the building work process. If you are looking to make a difference to your home, call on the building experts in Surrey and Sussex.

Safeguard your property by calling on the leading wall tie and DPC experts in GNT Construction. You can reach us online or contact us by calling us on 07455 444566.